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FOOTNOTE 239 Today, one of the sisters [probably Sister Amelia 239 ] came to see me and said, "Sister, I have a strange feeling, as though something were telling me to come to you and commend to you certain problems of mine before you die, and that perhaps you will be able to beseech the Lord Jesus and arrange these things for me. Something keeps telling me that you will be able to obtain this for me." I answered her with equal frankness that, yes, I felt in my soul that after my death I would be able to obtain more from the Lord Jesus than at the present time. "I will remember you, Sister, before His throne." †††(Diary 1614) ††††  1590-1650

[239] Probably Sister Amelia, who was Sister Faustina's close friend. Sister Amelia-Stanislava Socha was born on May 15, 1911. She entered the Congregation in 1930. The doctors soon diagnosed she had tuberculosis of the bones in her hand. Sister Amelia was afraid of being a burden to the Congregation and asked Sister Faustina to pray for an early death for her. Sister Faustina promised that, within a year after her, Sister Amelia would also die. That was the case, as Sister Amelia died on October 4, 1939.




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