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FOOTNOTE 196 When the procession from Borek [196] came to our house, carrying Him who was to be reposed in our chapel, I heard a voice coming from the Host: Here is My repose. During Benediction, Jesus gave me to know that soon a solemn moment would take place on this very spot. I am pleased to rest in your heart and nothing will stop Me from granting you graces. This greatness of God floods my soul, and I drown in Him, I lose myself in Him, I am melting away in Him...†† (Diary 1136) ††††  1101-1150

[196] The Corpus Christi procession to the four altars. The procession started from the parish church at Borek Falecki and ended at the fourth altar, which was in the Congregation's garden. The Blessed Sacrament then remained in the sisters' chapel.




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