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FOOTNOTE 137 > September 19, 1936. When we left the doctor's [137] [office] and stepped into the sanatorium chapel for a moment, I heard these words in my soul:My child, just a few more drops in your chalice; it won't be long now. ††††(Diary 694) ††††  ††651-700 

[137] Dr. Adam Silberg, from the sanatorium at Pradnik. Dr. Silberg, a convert, was about 40 years old then. In the years 1937-1939 (until the outbreak of the war) he was the director of City Sanatoriums (Polish Miejskie. Zaklady Sanitarne) at Pradnik Bialy in Cracow, popularly known as Sanatorium (now a special city hospital named Dr. Anka Hospital). He lived on the premises of the hospital together with his wife and son Kazimierz. It is not sure what happened to him after the outbreak of the war. According to the account of Mr. Ludwik Spytkowski, retired janitor at the hospital, Dr. Silberg tried to make his way to the east, together with his wife, and was shot by the Germans near Lvov. Another version, given by Dr. Adamczewski, a radiologist at the hospital, says that Dr. Silberg made his way to France with a group of doctors, then went to Scotland and died there during the war.



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