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FOOTNOTE 119 each Friday, all the sisters - each one in her own cell - will take the discipline [119] for the length of the recitation of Psalm 50††††† (Diary 565) ††††††522-600

[119] A lash, whip, or similar instrument for the infliction of pain, used by religious as a means of doing penance.

JB PSALMS Chapter 50

PSALM 50  (v49)

Worship in spirit and truth

Psalm Of Asaph

50:1 Yahweh, God of gods, speaks, he summons the earth. From east to west,

50:2 from Zion, perfection of beauty, he shines.

50:3 Let our God come, and be silent no more! Preceding him, a devouring fire, round him, a raging storm;

50:4 he summons the heavens above and the earth, to his people's trial:

50:5 'Assemble my faithful before me who sealed my covenant by sacrifice!'

50:6 Let the heavens proclaim his righteousness when God himself is judge!   (Pause)

50:7a 'Listen, my people, I am speaking;

50:7b Israel, I am giving evidence against you!

50:21c I charge, I indict you to your face,

50:7c I, God, your God.

50:8 'I am not finding fault with your sacrifices, those holocausts constantly before me;

50:9 I do not claim one extra bull from your homes, nor one extra goat from your pens,

50:10 'since all the forest animals are already mine, and the cattle on my mountains in their thousands;

50:11 I know all the birds of the air, nothing moves in the field that does not belong to me.

50:12 'If I were hungry, I should not tell you, since the world and all it holds is mine.

50:13 Do I eat the flesh of bulls, or drink goats' blood?

50:14 'No, let thanksgiving be your sacrifice to God, fulfil the vows you make to the Most High;

50:15 then you can invoke me in your troubles and I will rescue you, and you shall honour me.'

50:16 But to the wicked man God says: 'What business have you reciting my statutes, standing there mouthing my covenant,

50:17 since you detest my discipline and thrust my words behind you?

50:18 'You make friends with a thief as soon as you see one, you feel at home with adulterers,

50:19 your mouth is given freely to evil and your tongue to inventing lies.

50:20 'You sit there, slandering your own brother, you malign your own mother's son.

50:21 You do this, and expect me to say nothing?

50:21b Do you really think I am like you?

50:22 'You are leaving God out of account; take care! Or I will tear you to pieces where no one can rescue you!

50:23 Whoever makes thanksgiving his sacrifice honours me; to the upright man I will show how God can save.'



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