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FOOTNOTE 65 My sister [ Wanda [65] ] came to see me today†††† (Diary 202) ††††††201-250

[65]Sister Faustina's younger sister, Wanda Kowalska, born in 1920. According to the information of their eldest sister, Josephine Jasinska nee Kowalska, shortly before World War II Wanda entered the Congregation of the Ursuline Sisters. During the war she was taken to Germany for forced labor. She did not return to Poland, but married an Englishman and went to England with him. Her husband was soon drafted and died in action. Wanda came to Poland once, but had to go back to England a few days later because of the political situation at the time. A few years later the family was notified by an unknown priest of Wanda's serious illness and hospitalization. She has not been heard of since.



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