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FOOTNOTE 22 But my prayer was answered only after my perpetual vows, when I went to Vilnius. The priest was Father Sopocko. [22] †††††(Diary 34)†† 1-50

[22]The Rev. Prof. Michael Sopocko, born on November 1, 1888, at Nowosady, in the Vilnius region. He studied at the Roman Catholic Seminary in Vilnius. He was ordained priest on June 15, 1914. Later he was graduated from the School of Theology of the Warsaw University and (in 1924) from the State Pedagogical Institute. In 1928 the Ministry of Religion and Public Education appointed him to the Chair of Pastoral Theology at the School of Theology of the Stefan Batory University in Vilnius. In 1934 he became docent of the Warsaw University, officially delegated to the Chair of Pastoral Theology at the University of Vilnius. In the same year he became rector of St. Michael's Church in Vilnius. For many years he was confessor to many communities of monks and nuns. He was ordinary confessor of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy from January 1, 1933 to January 1, 1942. During the war he was professor at the Seminary at Bialystok, where the Vilnius seminary had been transferred (A. SF. Autobiography). The chronicle of the Cracow house states that Father Sopocko was in Cracow on August 28, 1938. It is very likely that he visited the Servant of God at Pradnik then, but her notes stop before that date. The Rev. Msgr. Dr. Michael Sopocko died on Sister Faustina's name day, February 15, 1976, at 8 p.m. at Bialystok. The funeral took place on February 19. The main celebrant was His Excellency Most Rev. Bishop Henry Gulbinowicz, diocesan ordinary. With him 80 priests concelebrated. His Eminence, Stephen Card. Wyszynski, Prymate of Poland, sent a telegram expressing his condolences.



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