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FOOTNOTE 9 End of postulancy [April 29, 1926] - My superiors [probably Mother Leonard and Mother Jane [9]] sent me to the novitiate in Cracow. (Diary 20)†† 1-50

[9]†† The "superiors" could be the superior general and the directress of the postulants, for they decided whether the Servant of God would be admitted to the reception of the habit and so to the novitiate in Cracow.

The superior general at the time was Mother Leonard Cielecka, born December 24, 1850 in Paplin ziemi Siedleckiej. She came from a family of landowners, and received a higher education in several languages and music. Entering the Congregation on September 1, 1885, she made her perpetual vows in Warsaw in 1893, and was given responsible positions in the Congregation at an early age. In 1908 she became Superior of the house in Derdy near Warsaw. From 1912 she was superior in Warsaw, and from 1918, in Walendow. After the Congregation separated from its General headquarters in France in 1922 at the First Chapter in Poland, she became the first Superior General of all the homes in Poland. She kept this post for 6 years; i.e., until 1928, and then became assistant to the new Superior General. She died November 1, 1933.

The directress of the postulants, Mother Jane Bartkiewicz, wits born July 31, 1858. She entered the Congregation on December 10, 1877, and made her perpetual vows in Laval, France in 1885. While the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy was dependent on the General Home in France, Mother Jane us Vicar General for the homes in Poland.

She was a sturdy and energetic person, sometimes even despotic. She greatly loved the Congregation and wished its good, trying to achieve this in a way repugnant to human nature. Her relationship to candidates and the young professed Wits peculiarly warm and affectionate. She knew how to be tenderhearted, but at the same time her method of disciplining the sisters created an atmosphere of fear.

After finishing her term as Vicar General, she was for a time the Directress of Novices and of the third probation. For his reason she felt throughout her life that she had the privilege of correcting the young sisters. She died in Warsaw July 1, 1940 (A. SMDM-C and D).



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