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FOOTNOTE 4 “For the time being,” he said, “I shall send you to a pious lady [ Aldona Lipszycowa [4] ] (Diary 13)   1-50

[4]   Aldona Lipszycowa then lived in Ostrowek in the district of Radzymin. She was born on April 14, 1896 in Tbilisi, USSR, the daughter of Serafin Jastrzebski and Mary Lemke. In 1965/66 she was one of the witnesses in the informative process of the Servant of God.

“My husband,” she recalls, “Had asked the pastor of St. James Parish in the suburb of Ochota, to find someone to help me in my housework. Rev. Canon James Dabrowski, when pastor in Klebow, became my husband’s friend. He baptized him, blessed our marriage and baptized all our children. Then Rev. Canon sent us - in the summer of 1924 - Helen Kowalski with a note that he did not know her, but hoped she would be all right” (A. SF. Recol.).



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