FFC. Youth


Common Questions

Q. Why pray to God if he already knows our needs?

Q. Why does the Catholic Church forbid divorce?

Q. Why can’t priests marry?

Q. Why are Catholics bound to attend Mass on Sunday?

Q. Isn’t Faith alone sufficient for salvation?


Q. Is the Catholic Religion the only true religion?

Q. Is the Catholic Church always right?

Q. If God is good, why does he allow good people to suffer?

Q. If God is good, how can he condemn a man to hell forever?

Q. How does the Bible account of creation in six days square up with the findings of science?


Q. How can a man forgive sins?

Q. Doesn’t the Catholic Church sometimes marry divorcees?

Q. Does the Catholic Church accept the evolution of man?

Q. Do Catholics really worship statues?

Q. Do Catholics adore the Virgin Mary?


Q. Do defined dogmas make it impossible for Catholics to think for themselves?

Q. Can Non-Catholics go to heaven?

Q. Can anyone become a Catholic?

Q. “Born again”....What does it mean?

Q. Are Catholics forbidden to read the Bible?



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