Chinese Small Wander

學而時習之,不亦悅乎?有朋自遠方來,不亦樂乎?人不知而不慍,不亦君子乎?. . .

Oriental Splendour: Chinese Fairy Tales

Cupid The Man Under the Moon Light (Chinese Cupid Story) 月老
100 Herb Shen Nong Tasted All Kinds of Herbs and Plants 神農嚐百草
Snake Lady White Snake 白蛇傳
10000 Hard to write 10000 "萬”字難寫
8 Fairy 8 faries crossing the sea 八仙過海
Cowherd Couple Cowherd couple 牛郎織女
Cow Music Playing music to the cow 對牛彈琴
Move Mount Moving mountain 愚公移山
Music Music to my ears 知音難得
Wagon Emperor making wagon 黃帝造車

In English

Moon Cake Mid-Autumn Festival  
Pan Gu The Pan Gu Creation Myth  
Nu Wa Nu Wa Patched Up Heaven  
Huang Di Huang Di Invented The Cart  
Hou Ji Hou Ji Taught People To Sow And Reap  
Shen Nong Shen Nong Tasted All Kinds of Herbs And Plants  
Kun Yu Flood Myths: Kun And Yu Fought The Flood  
Ju Ling Ju Ling Tore Open The Mountain  
Kua Fu Kua Fu Chased The Sun  
Yu Gong Yu Gong Removed The Mountain  
Er Lang Er Lang Chased The Sun, Carrying The Mountains  

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