The Aquinas Catechism

Vatican calls this book a Masterpiece!

LAUDED BY OVER 25 POPES, the author gives you in this compact book an intro to the Faith, a refresher catechism by the Church's greatest mind, a mini-course in Scripture by an unexcelled master of the Bible (with 1,000 Scripture quotes), a brief course in theology taught by the Church's greatest theologian, and a defence of the Faith against its critics. Is it a Catholic masterpiece? You bet!



"His teachings
could have come only
from a miraculous
intervention by God."

Pope John XXII

St Thomas and Dove





Vision of St Thomas Aquinas


"As it was said of old to the Egyptians in time of famine:
Go to Joseph, that they might receive from him a supply of wheat to nourish their bodies,
so We now say to all who are seeking the truth: Go to Thomas.

"Go and ask Thomas for the food of sound doctrine, which nourishes souls for eternal life, and which he possesses in rich abundance."

Pope Pius XI



St. Thomas Dedicating His Works to Christ
by Santi de Tito (1593)



"The teachings of St. Thomas are so vast that they contain, like a sea, all the wisdom that flows from the ancients: all the truths that had been spoken, all that had been wisely sifted by the pagan philosophers, by the Fathers and the Doctors of the Church, by the eminent men who flourished before him."

Pope Leo XIII

Aquinas Teaching


Sts. Gregory, Jerome, Augustine, and
Dominic listen while St. Thomas teaches.




"Because his method is concise,
clear and easily followed, even persons
of little instruction are eager
to possess his writings."

Pope Pius XI





The most extraordinary
(and little known) book
ever written about our Faith

. . . was not written for philosophers or for theologians --- even though its author was the incomparable St. Thomas Aquinas, the man lauded by more than 25 popes as the Church's preeminent theologian.

Its pages contain the Lenten sermons St. Thomas preached to the townspeople of Naples in 1273, soon before his death. Citing almost 1,000 quotations from the Bible, St. Thomas preached eloquently on:

The Our Father

The Hail Mary

The Sacraments

The Commandments


The Apostles' Creed

Gathered together now in one book, these sermons constitute a complete catechism on the teachings and practices of our Faith, and reveal the profound links that bind Holy Scripture to each of them.


Aquinas Catechism


In one volume,
The Aquinas Catechism
gives you:

An introduction
to the Catholic faith

A refresher catechism
by the Church's greatest mind

A mini-course in Scripture
by an unexcelled master
of the Bible, with almost a
thousand Scriptural quotations

A brief course in theology
"taught" by the Church's
greatest theologian; and

A defense of the faith
against its critics


Best of all, because St. Thomas was not writing for scholars but preaching to laymen, anyone can profit from the saintly wisdom found here.

To ensure that happens, we have (as the Vatican joyfully notes below) designed our edition of these sermons for ease of use: boldfaced subheadings on every page make them easy to read and our handy 22 page appendix outlines the entire book for you.


"A Masterpiece!"
Vatican newspaper

"To give highlights of this masterpiece is difficult because so much is distilled. The benefits of prayer are presented so attractively that one wishes one could pray for hours on end. A very clever editor put in helpful headings and subheadings to bring out more clearly the meaning of the text. Now beginners and advanced scholars alike can understand the faith more aptly through these brilliant sermons of the Angelic Doctor."

L'Osservatore Romano 7/15/91


Don't pass up this
opportunity to learn from
St. Thomas Aquinas himself!



Among the things
St. Thomas will teach you:

Why we ask the Lord
not to
lead us
into temptation

The five conditions
necessary to prayer,
and its three
principal benefits

Three ways in which
Mary is full of grace,
and why they're

What we must learn
from Jesus' descent
into Hell

Where astrology is
forbidden in
the Apostles' Creed

How we are to
respond to God's

Defenses against
heresies that
are still held

Why Christ's judgment
is to be feared (and
four ways to
prepare for it)

The marks of the
Catholic Church

The qualities of the
bodies of the blessed
and of the damned

The nature of eternal life
and of eternal death

Four things we should
desire and pray for

The effect of
each Sacrament

The necessary
components of a
good confession

The three things
we must do on the
Sabbath (and the
three we must avoid)

Misconceptions and
errors concerning
the Sacraments

Why faith is
reasonable, not
blind (as many say)

The sin that's most
dangerous to the
sinner himself

"Thy kingdom come":
what we're really
asking for when
we pray this

How "Thou shalt not
kill" applies to the death
penalty and the killing
of animals

How we sometimes
impede the grace
of a Sacrament

Who really administers
the sacrament of

How Holy Orders
changes the

The crucial differences
between divine and
human law

God's rewards for
honoring our parents
(and His punishments
for failure to do so)

Others we must honor
besides our parents

How we may
blaspheme without
even knowing it

How we can bear false
witness unknowingly

Four ways we can
overcome sinful desires

What it means to take
God's name "in vain"

The one kind of anger
that is always sinful
(and the two that are not)

Common ways we
"bear false witness"
unwittingly, even in
casual conversation

defined. Four ways
to overcome it

And much more to help
us all grow in wisdom
and holiness!



"St. Thomas's teachings have a singular force and virtue for curing the evils with which our age is afflicted."

Pope Leo XIII



Other popes who urge you
to turn to St. Thomas:

Pope Nicholas V Pope Pius IV Pope St. Pius V Pope Sixtus V Pope Clement VIII Pope Paul V Pope Alexander VII Pope Innocent XI Pope Innocent XII Pope Benedict XIII Pope Clement XII Pope Benedict XIV Pope St. Pius X Pope Benedict XV Pope Pius XI Pope Pius XII Pope John XXIII Pope Paul VI Pope John Paul II Pope Benedict XVI and scores of others.


"These sermons bear the mark of the Holy Spirit. They are filled with clarity and life."
The Word Among Us

"Flawless spiritual direction from the Church's premier theologian."
Midwest Book Review

Aquinas Catechism

The Aquinas Catechism
A Simple Explanation of the Catholic Faith
by the Church's Greatest Theologian
by St. Thomas Aquinas
Foreword by Ralph McInerny
$17.95  336 pgs ppbk

Sophia Institute Press
Box 5284, Manchester
NH 03108




For Young People:
A Fascinating Biography

St Thomas Aquinas
Thomas Aquinas

$12.95  128 pgs ppbk

For Serious
Students of Aquinas:

Aquinas's Shorter Summa
Shorter Summa

$22.95  432 pgs ppbk


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