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"When I open the Gospels, I breathe the fragrance exalted by the life of Jesus, and I know which way to run."

-     St. Therese, the Little Flower


 “Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of Christ” - St. Jerome


Bibles are made available here for Faith Formation, we use God News Bible (Catholic Edition) at Sunday School; for Liturgy the Jerusalem Bible is used. In America, New American Bible is the one used for liturgy. For serious studies, we need to read many versions of the Bible to gain insight into the messages. I like Chinese-English Bible printed side by side. It is good to read the introduction to each book to have a background to the context of the messages.

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God Speaks to His Children


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Jerusalem Bible (Old Testament)

Jerusalem Bible (New Testament)

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Chinese Bible (舊约Old Testament)

Chinese Bible (新约New Testament)

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New American Bible (OT)

New American Bible (NT)

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GNB (Old Testament)

GNB (New Testament)

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New Jerusalem Bible

Emergency Numbers

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NIV (Bible Gateway)

Center of the Bible (pps)


King James Bible (bibletools)

Chinese Bible (alleluiarcmiri)




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