Blessed Mother

The Formation

Our Bloc Rosary was initiated on Friday 4th July 1997, that means we had our first gathering for prayers and rosary at the home of Lucy and Felix Fang at 1278 Lorong D14, BDC Stampin, Kuching. The first gathering were attended by five families They were Lucy and Felix Fang, Alice Wong, Clare and James Kong, Teresa and Valentine Ho, Eileen and Michael Hii, and their family members. Over the next two months the group slowly grew to ten families and we moved from home to home to say prayers every two weeks.

Few months before the formation of the Bloc Rosary, Lucy was still working with Eileen at MBKS (Kuching City South Municipal). She had a few prayer meetings at St. Peter's College and strange things happened to her, as she was walking alone a path while saying the Rosary she smelled strong scent of roses at a particular corner and had a strong feeling that she was been called by Our Lady to do something. Later, she remembered that not so long ago, she had also smelt the same fragrant of fresh roses in her own room in her house. One night at about 2 to 3 o'clock in the morning, she smelled the strong scent like that of fresh roses, when she turned towards Felix, the scent wasn't there but when she turned the other way, the smell was there....

So she decided to start a family Rosary Group at her area, BDC, Stampin, Kuching. Actually there were a few groups already formed at BDC. How to find members was her next problem. She couldn't possibly go to every house and ask whether they were Catholics and wanted to join her new Rosary Group! Instead she surveyed around, identified houses with a crucifix hung at the door (a sign of Christian family) and left notes at their letter box to contact her if they were interested in joining the new Rosary Group. None, actually, responded to her notes! But by personal contacts, the five families were happy and keen to start the Rosary Group.

The Rosary Group would start after Lucy's retirement. That meant July, so she fixed the first Friday of July 1997 as the "Birthday" of our Bloc Rosary. Then we needed a name for our group, so we gave our Group a name: Blessed Mother it shall be, since the new church to be built in the BDC parish will be called the Blessed Sacrament Church.


Blessed Mother Welcome

4 July 1999