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Merry Christmas Folks

Christmas Seasons are traditionally joyous occasions when we exchange greeting cards and wish our friends, business associates and loved ones the blessings of Christmas and happiness for the coming year. This years Christmas mood is the same except it was dampened a little due to the economic downturn that the country is facing: the weak Ringgit is affecting everybody since prices for most goods and services are ascending, reducing the purchasing power of all the people. Here at Yung Kong Holdings (YKH), we are putting our heads together trying to find a way to cheer ourselves up. Where is Santa Claus? we asked.

How about putting on a Christmas Presents Exchange Fun?

OK, everyone who wishes to join in the fun will have to buy a present worth at least RM5.00, put the present in the bucket provided and we will have the exchange at 3:00 pm on Christmas Eve, Wednesday 24th December at the Magnolia Hall. To make it more than just a simple exchange of presents, we prepared some Christmas Carol lyrics, drinks, sweets and biscuits. At 3 oclock, we all gathered at the table and sang the carols. It brought jolly moods, relieving us of the pressure of works, and other problems. One participant asked the interesting question of why Christmas falls on 25th December and not other date? Is it just a commercial date? And how about Santa? Was he a real person or just some imagination parents put in the mind of their children?

After half an hour of carol singing, we each picked a number. Then we were given a present corresponding to our number. After we all got our mysterious gift, each of us took turn to open the present in front of all those present. Most of the gifts were useful and meaningful, and the person getting it was overjoyed and thankful to the giver, whose identity remained a mystery. The present I got was most unique and mischievous, it was a little cat standing on a big spring, bouncing up and down when the support was jolted, this alone probably did not qualify as it might cost below the minimum 5 Ringgit. The giver added a little extra piece of cloth, rolled up nicely into a small bar. I had no idea what it was and was reluctant to open it, but I was asked to unroll it, oh gosh! It was a pink triangular-shaped piece of fabric! Ho! Ho! Ho! I knew time is tough, but Santa didnt have to retain the gift meant for his girlfriend and gave it to me! Some naughty staff must have put in some extra imagination for some extra fun!

The exchange fun ended at about 4 Oclock after all the presents were distributed. This was another first-idea from YKH. 1995 we held the first group arts competition, 96 we had the first essay competition and this year we celebrated the Christmas the fun way.

Merry Christmas folks, may the new born King bless and keep us happy and healthy.

- Ir Michael Hii, 1997


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