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A Blessing is Needed

Some time in the mid 80s, our Galvanising Line at the Bintawa factory was not running smoothly, especially during the night shifts. I was not told of the stories but was asked to invite a priest to bless the factory. All the workers, Christians, non-Christians and Muslims alike, they all want the factory to be blessed. A Blessing is needed ! I was told.

As I was involved in Church work, a Parish Councilor in fact, I knew the priests quite well. So I went to the Presbytery and talked to the Rector. Rev. Fr. Augustine Jepy is a local priest. Father, I requested, we need a blessing from you. Father was happy to meet our request, a date was then fixed. On the appointed time, I went to fetch Fr. Jepy. We went straight to the factory, to the first floor where the office was located. The good priest sprinkled holy water, said the prayers and imparted his blessings. Then our Manager Director requested the priest to proceed to the factory downstairs to continue the blessings. His reply came a great surprise. No need, Fr. Jepy said, I have already blessed the WHOLE area, our God is very powerful. Anyway since I am here, I would be happy to visit the factory to see how the machines operate.

The tour of the factories proved to be very enlightening and educational to the priest. He was much impressed with the operation of the different machines. I suppose the steel industries were not included as part of the curriculum of a priesthood, thus at the end of the tour I saw a rather delighted and fascinated Father. It brought to light that what is a daily routine to some may be an amazing feat for others; just like our making of galvanised sheets was amazing to the priest, so was the heavenly blessings by the Father was amazing to us.

It was only after many years during one of our staff motivation dinners in 1996 that I learned about the ghostly stories that led to the conclusion that A Blessing is needed. Needless to say there were no more incidences after the blessing and our business soared. Thanks to the heavenly blessing.

- Ir Michael Hii, 1996


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