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Jefit A series of Pictures tell a story

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Peace to all!


Jefit Anyir, 32 years old widow and mother to 3 young school going children aged 11 years boy Jong Kim Hon (Pri 5), 8 yrs old girl Jong Kim Choo (Pri 2) and 6 yrs old girl Jong Yan Choo in kindergarten. Jefit and her children live at Sg Apong Squatters Colony...


We will visit her this Advent.


Jefit has no formal education nor has acquired any special skills.

The demise of her husband has dealt a serious blow to the survival of her family.

Her late husband, Jong succumbed to cancer 4 years ago.

Relatives from the rural area have not been able to help.

However, thanks to the hospital staff who has helped her to apply for welfare aid for poor widow.

The monthly grant of RM300 was approved in Sep 2009 and credited to her BSN bank account since.

Life as a single parent, with no other source of income is difficult.

In days of scarcity, she would gather wild ferns from Sejingkat area to put food on the table.


Home is a simple wooden hut with rickety floor-board.

During the rainy season, her house would be prone to floods.


Her home address at No.32 Jln Sg Apong is a squatter settlement.

The road leading to it is a maze of narrow winding and undulated streets.

A GPS may not be of help.


Would you want to help dry the tears and put the smile back on the faces of this destitute family?



The path to Jefitís house is rather narrow and winding, suggest go there by car- pooling in small cars.

Visitors can either stand outside the house or stand near the corridor owing to the fragile house floor in the living room.




Who:†††††††††††††††† Jefit family. (1 Adult, 3 kids, age 6to11years).

When:†††††††††††††† Sunday 4 December 2011, after 3pm DMD. (Second Sunday of Advent).

Where:††††††††††††† Sg Apong.


What the family needs (suggestions)


Rice, Sugar, Salt, Milo, Eggs, Canned Food, Noodles, Cooking Oil, Biscuits, Milk Powder, Buns, Bread, etc.


Detergent, Soap, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, etc.


Christmas Presents, Toys for kids, Story Books, etc


Some clothes, old and new, etc.


Some Ang Pows for the children will be good. Some financial assistant for Jefit will relieve her temporary.


Program: (4/12/11 Second Sunday of Advent)

3.00pm DMD at St Peterís Church

3.45pm Leave St Peterís for Sg Apong, Kuching by-pass

4.00pm Jefitís House††††††† MAP-Jefit

4.15pm Give her all the Gifts and stuff, show your compassion etc

4.30pm Sing some Xmas Carols

4.40pm Take Some Photos

4.45pm Home


May your Christmas be filled with Compassion and Joy!




(Advent starts on 1st Sunday of Advent 27 Nov 2011, 2nd Sun of Advent is4 Dec 2011,

Christmas falls on Sunday 25 Dec 2011)


Contact persons:

Cindy Teo

Mary Chok


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HP No # 016-572-5686

BSN Jln Padungan # 13104-29-00004865-8