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Our Lady

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Tuesday 26/6/12 at 10:43

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour - image explained

The symbolism in the picture is quite wonderful. We forget that it wasn't that long ago when illiteracy was dominant in the world. This is one reason that, espeically in the past, the Gospel was preached through pictures and statues. People couldn't read but they could see a picture and LEARN about our FAITH. Though, we can read these images are still powerful REMINDERS of the various aspects of our Faith. We should feel grateful to God for still having them and also wonder at the Faith of our spiritual ancestors who produced and used them. Thanks and Praise be to God !

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Sandy Leong ‎"I have a great love for the Church, which educates souls and leads them to God." ~ Saint Faustina Kowalska

Michael Hii Do you notice the earlobe of Our Lady Sandy Leong? ICONS always have earlobes indicating LISTENING EARS.

Sandy Leong O yes!!! You are so right! I am wondering why it is not stated (the earlobe) ??

Michael Hii My niece Sr Maria Lu Keong of the Incarnation, OSC, a Poor Clare nun in England told me that, she draws ICONS and makes STAINED GLASSES in her monastery.



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29 June 2012


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