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Our Lady

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22 June 2012 at 18:00

Honouring Mary

"We NEVER give more honour to Jesus than when we honour His mother,

and we HONOUR her SIMPLY and SOLELY to honour Him all the more PERFECTLY.

We go to her ONLY as a way leading to the GOAL we seek - JESUS, HER SON !"

~ Saint Louis Marie De Montfort



Pauline Siong Lovely pic of Mother and Child. Thnks Sandy Leong for the post.

Sandy Leong ♥ I thank you too sis! We all loved Mama Mary as Jesus loves her.

Pauline Siong Amen to that.

Michael Hii Our love for Mama Mary can never pull us away from Jesus, it only draws us closer to Jesus, to God... Otherwise, we have not "loved" correctly.

Sandy Leong You are right Brother Michael. Mother Mary leads the way and teaches us because she knows how.

Maryleflyna Dau William Wow baby Jesus is so cute lah. I believe that's how our Mother Mary holds each one of us. Thank you Mother Mary!



Michael fb

29 June 2012


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