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學而時習之,不亦悅乎?有朋自遠方來,不亦樂乎?人不知而不慍,不亦君子乎?. . .

Art Of War by Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu's Art Of War consists of 13 chapters. Following are brief description of the chapters

Chapter 1 - Chapter of "Strategy to begin"

This chapter talks about the basic concepts on how to make a country survive.

Chapter 2 - Chapter of "Engaging wars"

This chapter describes the price of war and how to decrease the price of war by finishing a war as soon as possible.

Chapter 3 - Chapter of "Application of strategies"

This chapter focuses on the main stream strategy to win a war.

Chapter 4 - Chapter of "Structure and formation"

This chapter talks about taking an advantage on structure and formation, ie. formation as the way of how an organisation is formed.

Chapter 5 - Chapter of "Military nature"

This chapter directly relates to tactical activities of the military.

Chapter 6 - Chapter of "Virtual or real"

This chapter discusses on how to confuse enemies with virtual and real elements.

Chapter 7 - Chapter of "Military advantage"

This chapter gets a competitive advantage when engaging with enemies.

Chapter 8 - Chapter of "9 variations"

This chapter introduces the variations that happens when engaged in war.

Chapter 9 - Chapter of "Mobilisation"

This chapter discusses about how the military units move and descriptions on how to utilise terrain.

Chapter 10 - Chapter of "Terrain tactics"

This chapter introduce how the terrain works and what the leader should know about the terrain.

Chapter 11 - Chapter of "9 terrain"

This chapter gives more details of how to fully utilise terrain and obtain competitive advantage.

Chapter 12 - Chapter of "Fire tactics"

This chapter introduces the ways of using fire as an offensive weapon.

Chapter 13 - Chapter of "Espionage"

This chapter introduces the ways of using espionage to obtain advantage.

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